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Unless noted prior to the event, the following “local” rules will ALWAYS be in effect. If the rule is not discussed below, Georgia All-Stars will follow the NFHS rules. Georgia All-Stars reserves the right to change the following rules at any time. All teams will be made aware of changes prior to the start of their event.

RESPONSIBILITY OF KNOWING AND UNDERSTANDING RULES -  It is the sole responsibility of each team’s head coach to understand all rules and guidelines that are presented in this document, as well as in the NFHS rule book. 

FINAL DECISIONS - The Tournament Director shall have final decision on all tournament questions/decisions. 

TEAM ROSTERS -  All teams must present an online player roster to Georgia All-Stars prior to their first game of each event. If a team has previously submitted an online roster to Georgia All-Stars, that will be treated as the current roster. It is the team’s responsibility to make any changes necessary to their Georgia All-Stars roster for the current event. In the event that a roster is challenged, during an event, the current (online or recently submitted) roster will be the roster of record. If a team’s roster is challenged, via an official protest, that player must be on the team roster. If the player is not listed, the team will forfeit any games in which that player has played during the event. IF THE CHALLENGED TEAM DOES NOT HAVE A ROSTER OF RECORD, THE TEAM MAY BE FORCED TO FORFEIT GAMES PLAYED TO THAT POINT. THE ONLY WAY TO VIEW ANOTHER TEAM’S ROSTER IS TO FILE A PROTEST DURING THE GAME, AND SUBMIT $300 CASH AS A PROTEST FEE. 

PLAYERS ON MULTIPLE ROSTERS -  No player is allowed to participate on more than one team for each event. For example, organization rosters have to designate players on one specific team in conjunction with their submitted rosters. In addition, no player is allowed to play on more than one team even if those teams are in different divisions, or age groups. PENALTY FOR THIS VIOLATION IS TEAM FORFEIT OF ALL GAMES IN WHICH THE PLAYER PARTICIPATED IN WITH SAID TEAM(S). 


MINIMUM PLAYERS -  A team can play an official game with no less than 8 players. If a team plays with 8 players, that team must have a designated out for the 9th position in the batting order. If a team loses a player due to injury or illness, a designated out will be recorded in that position of the batting order. 


AGE REQUIREMENT - May 1, 2022 will be the designated date to determine ages. Photocopies of birth certificates MUST be kept with the team coach/manager at all times. Failure to provide documentation, upon request, will result in an age/rules violation. 

BIRTH CERTIFICATES/PROOF OF AGE - Each team MUST have copies of birth certificates available throughout the tournament. An age protest, like any other protest, requires a $300 cash protest fee. If an age protest is lodged against your team, you MUST provide proof of age (eligibility). If you cannot do so, you lose the protest and the protesting team 

gets their money back. If you are able to prove proper age (and eligibility) for your player, the protesting team loses the protest and the protest fee. 


PROTEST FEE - $300 cash (on rule interpretation only). Must be paid at time of protest. Pro tests must be submitted before the next pitch of the game, if the protest is play specific. Before the next pitch is thrown, it is the sole responsibility of the head coach to stop the game in order to protest rules interpretation. More 

general protests must be submitted prior to the conclusion of the game. 


GATE FEES -  Georgia All-Stars does charge a gate fee to all who attend events. In most cases, an individual gate fee will be charged as attendees enter the respective parks. The individual gate fee is as follows: Adults $7, children under 13 years of age are free. 

At select parks, where individual admission fees are not collected, a team gate fee of $150.00 will be collected from the teams prior to the event.



5u-8u-Coach Pitch - Base distance is 60 feet, pitching mound is 46 feet. 

8u-Kid Pitch - Base distance is 60 feet, pitching mound is 40 feet 

9u-10u - Base distance is 60 feet, pitching mound is 46 feet 

11u-12u - Base distance is 70 feet, pitching mound is 50 feet 

13u-14u - Base distance is 80 feet, pitching mound is 54 feet 



5u-8uCP - 1:15 or 6 innings 

8uKP-12u -1:30 or 6 innings 

13u-14u – 1:30 or 7 innings


Run rules for all age groups: 7 runs per inning 

LINE-UP OPTIONS - Teams may bat a nine (9) player line-up, ten (10) player line-up using an Extra Hitter (EH) or continuous lineup of all present, eligible, uniformed

players. Such line-up must be declared before the start of the game and used the entire game. If a team uses a line-up that contains substitute players, all starting players may be removed and re-enter the game once, but must re-enter in their original position in the batting order. Non-starters are not allowed to re-enter. When a starter re-enters, the player in the starter’s batting position in the batting order must be removed from the game and is ineligible for the remainder of the game. If a team uses a line-up that contains ten (10) players, the player in the Extra Hitter position has free defensive substitution. If a team uses a continuous line-up, all players other than the nine (9) defensive position players are Extra Hitters and may move freely in defensive positions with the exception of the pitching position. When using the continuous lineup and a player has to leave the game for any reason, that position in the line-up becomes an out when that at bat comes around. IF A TEAM DOES NOT FOLLOW THIS RULE, IT IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE OPPOSING HEAD COACH TO STOP PLAY. AT THAT TIME THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR WILL REVIEW THE SITUATION, AND MAKE THE FINAL DECISION ON THE SITUATION. 


GAME BASEBALLS - Teams must provide all game balls. Two new balls are required to begin the game. The baseballs are not required to be a specific brand but must be comparable to Diamond DOL-1 baseballs. 

GAME TIME/START TIME - There is no “grace period” for teams. If a team is not present at game time, it will result in a forfeit. Game time starts at the completion of the home plate meeting, and the game time will be announced at the conclusion of that meeting. No changes in games time limits will be allowed…..ALL game time limits will follow what is stated in these rules unless altered directly by the tournament director. The umpire crew is the only “official” timed clock. 

HOME TEAM - Determined by coin flip in pool play. In bracket play the better seeded team will be given choice of home/visitor. Home team is required to keep the official book. The visiting team is required to have an adult manage the field score board. 

HEAD FIRST SLIDE – Allowed when advancing to any base IF the baserunner is not wearing a face mask or C-Flap on their helmet.  1st Offense will be a team warning, and any subsequent violations will result in the baserunner being called out.


THIRD AND FIRST “PICK-OFF” -  The traditional pick-off move of faking to third in first and third situations IS only allowed in the 13u/14u divisions.


SLASH BUNT -  No slash bunts are allowed in 5u-12u, but allowed in 13u/14u. 

BAT RULE 7u– 12u- There is no restriction on weight or length as long as the bat has been marked with “BPF 1.15” stamp. “USABat” stamped bats are also allowed.  Wood bats are allowed. 


BAT RULE 13u/14u- Must use -5, -3 or wood.

COURTESY RUNNERS - (Not used if batting entire line-up.) A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher or catcher. The courtesy runner must be a substitute player that has not been in the game. A courtesy runner may run for either the pitcher or catcher, but not both in the same inning. Two courtesy runners (one for pitcher, one for catcher) may be used if the team has eligible substitutes for both roles. If there are no substitutes available, THE TEAM MAY USE THE LAST BATTED OUT AS THE COURTESY


PITCHING LIMITS -  It is the responsibility of each team’s manager to challenge pitching violations by notifying the Umpire and filing a protest with the tournament director. A protest may be filed at any point after the pitcher in violation records any out beyond his legal limit AND while the pitcher in violation is in the game as the pitcher of record. If such violation is the last recorded out of the game, the protest MUST be filed prior to the Umpire and the teams leaving the field of play. 


8uKP-12u age groups: 6 innings max per day, 8 innings max per tournament 

13u-14u age groups: 7 innings max per day, 8 innings max per tournament


If pitching rules are violated and the infraction is detected, the situation will be reviewed by the tournament director. If the pitcher is found in violation of pitching limits, the game will result in a forfeit. 



1) One additional inning per game, per player starting in a team’s 5th game played

2) Pitching/Score cards MUST be signed by both teams at the conclusion of games. Once the cards are signed, the information becomes official, and will be utilized for record keeping. Online pitching logs are NOT official records. Data entry errors can occur, and the physical pitching card will be the only “official” record utilized when determining pitching/roster violations.


3) Pitching limits will be based on 1/3 concept. Each recorded out is 1/3 of an inning against the pitcher.


4) ONLY turfs or molded cleats can be utilized on temporary mounds by the pitcher….no spikes. 


5) Starting pitcher is the only pitcher that can be re-inserted IF he has not been removed from the line-up.


6) Warm-up pitches not to exceed 8 pitches (new pitcher) and 5 pitches (returning pitcher), 1:00 in duration.

VISITS TO THE MOUND -  Each team is allowed three charged visits to the mound within a game. A charged visit is a trip in which the manager or coach does not remove the pitcher. After the three charged visits are used, every trip to the mound will result in the pitcher being removed. A visit is not “charged” when the manager removes the pitcher from the mound. Remember, charged visits are cumulative for the entire game (visits are not tracked “per pitcher”). No restrictions on visits per inning. 


TIED POOL PLAY GAMES - If a full length game is tied, it will result in a tied score, even if time has not expired.  If an inning is completed after time expires, and the score is tied, the game will end in a tie.



1) Won – Loss record

2) Head to Head (if only two teams are tied)

3) Runs Allowed

4) Run Differential (max = -7/+7)

5) Runs Scored 6) Coin Toss 


CHAMPIONSHIP GAME FORMAT -  Run rules are still in effect. No coin toss….Highest seed will be given the choice of home/visitor. In the event of a tie at the end of an official game, the last “batted out” will be placed on second base with no outs and the game will continue until a winner is declared at the conclusion of innings played. FOR CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES THAT BEGIN AFTER 7PM ON A SCHOOL NIGHT, THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR HAS THE AUTHORITY TO NOT EXTEND THE TIME LIMITS..


CHAMPIONSHIP GAME IS CALLED PRIOR TO THE NATURAL ENDING OF THE GAME - Should an official game end due to circumstances such as lights/darkness issues. The final result will correspond to the score at the end of the last completed inning. For example, in the middle of the 6th inning, the game is called due to darkness…..the score at the end of the 5th inning will become the official game score to be posted/recorded. 

ADVERSE WEATHER - Southern Sports Tournaments will be played in adverse weather conditions. The format may be changed to lessen time limits or reduce innings to complete the tournament. Coaches and players accept these conditions when entering the tournament. 


OFFICIAL GAME - In the event of natural occurrences to include weather, field conditions, or any other situation that causes a game to be STOPPED and it cannot be physically or reasonably continued, the game will be considered an official game if the teams have played 3 1/2 innings with the Home Team winning or 4 complete innings if the Home Team was losing after 3 1/2 innings. If stoppage is required after the 4th inning, the winner will be determined based on the last inning both teams completed an equal number of times at bat. For instance, if the Visitors are batting in the top of the 5th and they score 3 runs to go up 5 to 4, if the game is STOPPED, the Home Team will be declared the winner because at the bottom of the 4th, they were winning, 4 - 2. This is based on a STOPPED game that cannot be completed for various reasons to include time constraints, not a POSTPONED or DELAYED game that can be continued. If stoppage is required before a game can be considered "official", and the game cannot be continued:


During pool play, the team winning after the last completed inning (that was played) will be considered the winner, regardless of the inning. During bracket play, the winning team will be the highest seeded team in this scenario. Only Tournament and/or Site Directors can STOP a game and consider it an official


FINAL STANDINGS IN EVENTS THAT ARE NOT FINISHED - If an event is canceled while in progress, final standings will be determined in the following way….


1) For there to be final standings, all teams in a specific division MUST finish both pool play games. The final standings will be based on the criteria section for seeding to bracket play.  IF NO BRACKET ROUND IS COMPLETED, AWARDS WILL ONLY BE GIVEN TO #1 AND #2 SEEDED TEAMS IN EACH AGE GROUP DIVISION, IN THE GOLD BRACKET ONLY.


2) If the event is stopped during bracket play, the teams that are still “alive” in bracket play will receive a ranking based on their original bracket seed. The term “alive” equates to every team that would qualify to play if the event was able to continue. For example, if the teams still “alive” in bracket play (when the event is stopped) are seeds #2, #4, #5 and #7, then the #2 seed would be the champion and the #4 seed would be the runner-up. 


REFUND POLICY -  There will be a $100.00 administration fee charged for complete rain outs; 1 game started = 50% of entry fee; 2 or more games started = no refund. Online payment service charges are non-refundable. 

CODE OF CONDUCT - Georgia All-Stars, and all facilities we participate at during our events, have a zero tolerance policy on behavior by players, parents, and coaches. It is the SOLE responsibility of the team’s head coach to manage the behavior of its coaches, players, and parents throughout the event. This includes, but is not limited to, possession of alcohol on park property - use of foul language - any type harassment towards players, parents, coaches, umpires, tournament officials, park staff or others - interference with games. 


Any individual who conducts themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner is subject to removal from the tournament, and from the park property without further explanations. If it is deemed necessary, the head coach can be ejected from the game due to behavior of his/her players, parents, coaches, or team’s fans behavior. 

PLAYER AND/OR COACH EJECTIONS -  Any player or coach ejected from a game, will not be allowed to participate in their next game of the event. Tournament Director will make all final decisions on suspensions. 


MERCY RULE -  15 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 5 innings and thereafter.  Game is officially over once a team is mathematically eliminated. 





5u-8uCP - runners can advance home until umpire calls time.
8uKP – runners cannot advance home on over throws/passed balls

9u-14u – runner can advance home at anytime.



8uKP – no balks will be called

9u/10u – pitchers will receive one umpire warning prior to balks being called.

11u and older – balks will be called without umpire warning




5u-8uCP – One bunt allowed per inning.  Additional bunts result in an out.

8uKP-14u – Bunts are allowed at anytime.




5u-10u - No dropped third strike rule. Batter is automatically out. 

11u-14u - Dropped 3rd strikes rule is in effect. Batter must be tagged out or thrown out.



5u-8U - No infield fly rule 

9u-14u - Infield fly rules applies 


5u-8uKP - Runners ARE NOT allowed to lead off. Runners CANNOT steal. 

9u-10u - Runners ARE NOT allowed to lead off, but are allowed to steal bases only after the ball crosses the plate.

11u-14u - Runners are allowed to lead off. Runners may steal at anytime.

STEEL SPIKES – only allowed in 13u and 14u age groups.



A batter will receive five (5) pitches before being declared out. 

• He will be called out on three (3) swinging strikes. 

• If fifth (5th) pitch is fouled, he may continue to bat. 

• If fifth (5th) pitch is fouled and caught it is an out. 

• If the fifth (5th) pitch or 3rd strike is a bunted foul the batter is out.


Coach pitcher must pitch overhand 


Any base runner leaving the base before the ball reaches home plate is out. Stealing is not permitted. Runners may not advance on wild pitch or passed ball. 


One bunt allowed per inning 


10 defensive players allowed, 4 must be in the outfield. 


The defensive player listed as pitcher will stay in the 10 foot circle until ball is hit. He/she is not required to wear a mask, but is allowed to. 


No coaches allowed in the outfield behind the players. There can be up to 2 coaches in foul territory. 



- All advancement of runners is, in the judgment of the umpire, halted. 

- A batted ball does not travel beyond the 20 foot arc drawn in front of home plate.

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